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Solar Area Lighting Solutions



“One of our greatest responsibilities is to be good stewards of our planet’s natural resources. GridShift Solutions creates the worlds most innovative solar lighting products that make it easy to help ensure our earth thrives for future generations.”

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New Solar Lighting Products

We are constantly innovating to bring the best technology to market... below are the most recent additions to our line up.

Burn Time Test Certified


Burn Time Testing works in conjunction with ASTM standards to evaluate and validate the solar luminaire's performance in a controlled environment based on your required lighting profile. This testing also equalizes the environment, tests the products performance, and provides reliable results that can be compared without subjectivity. Burn Time Testing ensures that the product being considered has undergone stringent, objective, 3rd party testing.


Our Company

Our family of product brands include Cuesta Sol, Solaright Lighting and Gridset and combine to bring you the best in solar area lighting, AC powered and LED area lights and in-grade and transportation lighting. We are proud to be American Combat Veteran owned and operated.

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